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The Ultimate Build Your Legacy Master Course.

Learn how to start a family business, get more capital, acquire more assets and avoid taxes like Amazon! Master your budget, increase your cash flow, and stay tax compliant.

Earn More

Get access to 6 new streams of income from the comfort and safety of your home.

Work Less

Manage money like a pro and gain the skills to account for every dollar in and out of your pocket.

The Legacy Think Tank


Master money management and cash flow, and start accounting for every dollar in and out of your pocket.

Avoid Taxes

The rich have been doing it legally for years, so why aren't you? With the help of your own CPA, we will show you the loopholes in tax law.

What our students have learned in the Think Tank.

How to create  6 figures from home business in the next 6 months.



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Start Bookeeping


Master Credit Repair

Get Business Funding

Master Business Credit

Master Automation

Founder of The Legacy Think Tank & Financial ID

Javares Banks

Mr. Banks has over 10 years experience in business and finance. He has help several start up businesses reach their first $1 million dollars in revenue, work less hours, and avoid taxes like amazon. 

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We our on a mission to completely change lives, and one of the the best way to do that is to provide real results to real people.

"If any has questions about their business or Finances I send them to the Banks Family"
Keri Hilson
American Singer, Songwriter, & Actress
"Thanks to the Banks Family, I've been able to scale my business, advance my goals, and achieve elevated happiness. Thank you!"
Robert Gallo
Business Owner

Build Your Legacy Today

start a family business, get more capital, acquire more assets and avoid taxes like Amazon! Master your budget, increase your cash flow, and stay tax compliant.

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Master Bookkeeping

For the first month of your business’ operation, we will walk you through the ins and outs of bookkeeping for your company, and provide accounting for your first 100 transactions. Accounting is vital for the survival of your business – no successful operation runs without it. You will also have the option to continue these services monthly.


We will also help you establish a personal budget for yourself and walk you through the essential rules and aspects of saving money. You will learn how much you should be putting into your pocket. and how much you should invest.

Master Credit Repair

Knowing how to deal with every credit issue the right way is essential to personal and business finances. Credit is the gateway to services like funding and loans. We will teach you more than just fixing your credit score though, we will show you how to turn it into a business.

Business Funding

As a business owner, you should never have to rely on someone else to get funding – this is a core principle of Legacy builder – self sustainability. We will show you how to apply for funding for your business whenever you need it. But, that’s not all; we will also show you how to start your own funding business and earn money getting funding for your clients.

Master Business Credit

Business credit is one of the wealthy’s biggest tools for building their income without compromising their own credit. Business credit allows you to apply for loans and similar services without affecting your personal credit – at all. No inquiries, derogatory marks, or dings to your good name.

Master Automation

Automations are the difference between passive income and active income, or working for your money versus making your money work for you. Financial ID will show you how to set up automations for your company. When used correctly it will run itself.