Learn how to build a legacy, create, maintain, & grow from anywhere, and go from six figures a year to 6 figures a month.

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Learn how to build a legacy, create, maintain, and grow from anywhere, and earn six figures a year month.

What's Inside

The Think Tank?

You will learn the techniques of balancing work life, and entrepreneurship. Stop giving loads of unnecessary money to the IRS from the lack of record keeping. Earn more money from anywhere, including home - you could be making more money, and saving more money building business funding, credit boosts, and a system that is focused on people and profit.


Learning The Basics

Learn learning will include financial education and all the techniques that I've used...

& much more


Answering Your Questions

How to go from working that 9 - 5 to building a legacy for your children's children.

& much more


The Business Startup

How to set up to actually be tax compliant and stay tax compliant.

& much more


Growing Your Business

Most businesses struggle with new success because they lack structure for scaling with demand.

& much more…

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The Legacy Think Tank is easier than you think.

We have taken the knowledge of our tin, our decade and business, as well as the knowledge of our clients, success and failures that we’ve seen as accountants to show you how to start a business, right, and easy without mistakes.

You will also get access to exclusive content, resource guides, business structure and automations.

You'll also get access to:

The Financial ID Members-Only Facebook Group

Inside the group, you can:

Ask anything you want

Stuck with something? Ask an unlimited amount of questions.

Get feedback on your work

Get invaluable feedback from me personally, and thousands of other Financial ID pros.

See what others are doing

to fix their credit, and build, and scale their business, as well as win high ticket clients around the world.

Stay up to date with industry trends

Things can change quickly, and the latest day by day trends will be discussed in the group.

Here are some recent interactions:

Get Access To Proven Business & Knowledge

Legacy Builder Club members will get access to proven skills and techniques that we’ve used over the last 10 years, business credit startup everything, and all our software stack plus all of our bi-weekly calls.

Day One Student

Ever since I was a young boy falling asleep in the classroom listening to the teacher break down all this information that most students would simply not follow and answer correctly whenever called on in the classroom. However I was able to still respond with correct answers because many times I just absorb information *snaps my fingers* just like that. So what I've done since day one is take note of everything that I've been doing in my business to be able to share with you and completely eliminate as many of your potential mistakes and give you access to our most exclusive business checklist yet.

Welcome To The Legacy Clubhouse

Every Sunday on Clubhouse, we’ll be fielding live questions on Clubhouse and the call will be recorded and made it accessible for portal members. We’ll break down every question that you can bring to the table that we can ask, and even bring experts in to discuss more information with you with business strategies, financial planning, and much, much more. Say goodbye to bad credit, being overtaxed for bad credit. Say goodbye to poor cash flow, because knowing how to make money from home is priceless.

And... 9 High-Value Bonuses

Business Organization Software Stack ($24,997 value)

I've pieced together my best prime software solutions to show you how to streamline your business. Software stack value is $25,000 video archive of content.

Video Archive of Hours of Content ($1,997 value)

Hours and hours of lessons created over time that breaks down much needed information to start and found a business, and actually create a legacy.

800Club Credit Restoration Course ($997 value)

We'll give you step-by-step as into how to restore and educate people with their finances in their credit and significantly boosting their scores.

Vendors Guide ($997 value)

Get access to the experts that we've accumulated over the decade of our business and shorten your learning curve + save valuable time from finding qualified people to help you grow.

Personal Credit Tradeline List ($997 value)

We'll give you access to some trade lines that are seasoned and by reputable sources, they can help you get your scores boosted as fast as you need.

Access To The Exclusive FIN ID Facebook Group ($297 Value)

Join the members only Facebook group and get your questions answered by us personally, as well as over 5 thousand other Financial ID members! This group will provide regular ongoing value, even years after you've enrolled in the course.

Business Credit Technique ($197 value)

Step by step on how to build your business credit and have a payday score in 90 days so that you can have a standalone business credit.

Business Accounting e-Book ($97 value)

Business accountant is the language of business we want to help you interpret what you're looking at. So you can grow your business and stay compliant and maximize funding credit repair.

Credit Repair Kickstarter Guide ($97 value)

Kickstarter Guide will jumpstart and boost anybody's credit in seven days. Instant access e-book, from your smartphone to desktop.

Change your business, change your life...

Learn how to maximize your time and money.

Have the confidence and know how much to charge.

Automating your business will give you more free time to enjoy with your loved ones.

Market your business to be competitive, and get more customers.

Systemize your process to save time, energy, and resources.

Network with like minded individuals to grow all one once place.

Here's what to do.

Take your skills from BEGINNER to PRO with the ultimate Legacy Builder Club master class.

Meet Your Instructor:

Javares Banks

Business, Credit & Financial Expert

Hi, I’m Javares Banks, I’m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, born and raised. I’m a father, a husband, and I have passion for helping people grow their businesses. I have worked with many businesses to go from six figures a year to over six figures a month. Me and my wife own an accountancy and we spend a lot of time helping our clients lower their tax liabilities. Over time, I have been able to master and hone in my skills to repair credit, fund businesses, automate business and scale them.

I wanted to make something that explains actually taking control and creating your legacy so clearly and easily that even a complete beginner could create their own successful legacy as I have. This is the closest thing you can get to working with me one-on-one — so let me be your mentor!

Think about how much you'll love:


Doing what you love for a change

Think about how much you would love to be able to travel at your own leisure.

Running your own business and not working for someone else

You can run a business without leaving your house

Not requiring much upfront cost

Less than $500 startup costs total including all business documents & credit files.

Working in an up-and-coming credit niche

Make more money in less time, avoid taxes like Amazon.

Here's what some of our 5,000+ students are saying...

"I have signed up for the Legacy Think Tank course after listening to Mr. Banks on Clubhouse. I’m taking this opportunity to financially invest in my family’s future. What encouraged me the most to sign up is him reiterating that this is not a quick process. You won’t be rich overnight. You have to take the time to learn, absorb and incorporate the knowledge. Looking forward to Jan 6! Let’s Geaux."

- Jack Dee

"I've only been on CH for only four days and 12/31 was the first time I joined Mr. & Mrs. Banks room and the information, gems, giveaway and blessings was AMAZING 🔥🔥🔥🔥. I got my book and excited for class on Saturday!!!!!"

- Sonya Petit

I did the few hacks and gems for my credit that I learned with the Banks Family and my God, my TransUnion went from 626 to 745 in I kid you not 11 days, and my class is tomorrow so I can learn more, and clean up the other two I’m taking action to take my life back, Thank you Mrs. and Mr. Banks!

- Sandra Beverly Blushings

Your ticket to making money with credit solutions as a business.

If you follow the course step by step (and actually implement what you’ve learned), you’ll make back the cost of the course from your very first client! Then, the knowledge is yours forever.

Upgrade Your Legacy

Your Golden Ticket To Creating Your Legacy.

Kickstarter Guide



One-time Payment; Access Forever.

What's Included:

Rich Resources Library

Hours of valuable video content available through your computer, smartphone, and tablet plus insider files for business, credit, and more.

User & Instructor Friendly

Easy to use dashboard, watch and stream videos, and simple navigation plus our instructors are knowledgeable & here to help.

Strong Community

Over 5,000 members in our exclusive, growing Facebook community of caring, supportive Think Tankers, from beginners to pros.

"Honestly your company is the only one that has ever provided REAL RESULTS for me. I have tried other “credit repair “ companies but your company is by far the best!"
Erica Diaz
Highly Rated Testimonial
"So grateful to be connected with the beautiful Banks family. I’m so excited to win with y’all and share the wealth knowledge with other like minded individuals ♥️💸"
Betty Lo
Small Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

The information in the course applies to ALL levels of credit understanding (however I would suggest you consider having at least a basic, general understanding of credit like what it is, what it is for, and why you even want to learn it).

Absolutely! Not only do you get everything and some, it is all place under one roof for your convenience through our dedicated custom platform at TheLegacyThinkTank.com (here).

No need to create accounts or remember passwords to a whole bunch of different places – all of your download-ables, video streaming capabilities, and more is in your members area / account plus you should get email confirmations of your order.

If you have any questions, please email us directly at support@thelegacythinktank.com and we will help you.

Simply email us at support@thelegacythinktank.com and we’ll get back to you with the next steps for doing business with us!

Members Get Complete Support

Yes! Simply email us at support@thelegacythinktank.com and we’ll get back to you with a real human.

On top of that, you will also get immediate access to our all encompassing Financial ID support group with over 5,000 active members where we all may provide support, including the elite team behind The Legacy Think Tank!